Alaska Silver Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Seasons

The primary season for Silver Salmon fishing on the Tsiu River in Southeast Alaska begins in early August and extends through the middle of October. The first Silvers start to show up in late July so by the time we start fishing there are plenty of fish in the river for steady action.

The Steelhead fishing season overlaps the Silver Salmon fishing season since the first steelhead start to show up in September. The steelhead continue to come into the river until the close of our season in the middle of October. The fish continue to migrate in through November, but the winter weather takes hold and we close the lodge for the season. In the spring during April and into May there is another early season run of steelhead.

Sockeye Salmon enter the river earlier in the season in July and August so if you are here earlier, you will likely encounter them on their upstream migration. Pink Salmon also show up in the river through the same time as the Silver Salmon so you may run into them during that time.