Tsiu River, Alaska Fishing

The fishing on the Tsiu River is nothing short of spectacular. Your fishing trip to our fly out Alaska wilderness-fishing lodge will be a trip to remember for the rest of your life. Once you experience the world-class Silver Salmon fishing, you will want to come back every year and we would love to have you!

The Tsiu River

The Tsiu River is a clear, pristine river that is home to a world-class run of Coho Salmon, commonly referred to as Silver Salmon. The River is very safe and easy to wade since it is fairly shallow with a sandy bottom.

The river is perfectly suited to fly fishing or light spin fishing tackle whichever you prefer. If your chosen method is fly fishing for Silver Salmon, you will find ample room to backcast since the river flows through a wide open plain. Because the lodge is so close to the ocean, the Salmon are fresh when they come into the river are very aggressive and will hit a wide range of flies or lures. Once you hook into one of these chrome Silver Salmon, hold on because they will take you for a ride!

Tsiu River, Alaska Fishing Season

The fishing season on the Tsiu River runs from the first week of August until mid-October. Although the phenomenal Silver Salmon are what most fly fishing and spin anglers come to fish for, there are also Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, Steelhead and Dolly Varden in the river.

You can purchase your Alaska fishing license ahead of time online here. We also have licenses available at the lodge if you prefer to purchase when you get here.