Getting To Tsiu River Fishing Lodge

We are a fly out Alaska lodge which means that you have to arrive here by plane. Our lodge is accessible only by air, as no roads access this remote river. If you want the luxury of fancy hotel and access to night-life, this is not the place for you.

The transportation to and from the Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge is by small airplane from Cordova or Yakutat. The tranportation is not included and clients are responsible for all airfares and lodging required along the way.

Traveling By Air Taxi

Clients fly from their originating city to either Cordova, or Yakutat, Alaska via Alaska Airlines. Once in either of these towns, you will board an FAA approved, single-engine aircraft for the journey to Dierick’s Tsiu River Lodge by.

The cost of the round trip airfare to the Lodge by air taxi varies depending on the number of people aboard. This cost can sometimes be reduced by splitting charter flights with incoming and outgoing clients. Typically the cost is around $400 round trip from Yakutat.

We can make the air taxi reservation for you if you wish. Please check with your airline and air taxi on baggage restrictions including weight restrictions, both coming and going. We frequently work with Yakutat Coastal Airlines, if you have further questions about the air transfer you can visit their site.

In order to serve you better, on your arrival, we need to know how many pounds of fish you plan to take home with you. We pack your frozen fish in wetlock boxes which hold a maximum of 70 pounds.